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Fragmovies for the Community
Written by Unknown on 23.03.2008 Time 15:06

Are you bored or just chillin'? Don't know how to kill time? Then we recommend you lean back and enjoy two highly entertaining frag movies!

The players Deutschland 4Kings^Riemu and Dänemark Fracture|Chode have made an effort to show you some of their memorable moments. This has resulted in two frag movies you should really check out.

Deutschland 4Kings^Riemu Riemu shows us how a Heavy can wreak havoc on the enemy team.

Movie details:

Resolution: 1280×720
Frames: 25
Bitrate: 2770 Kbps
Length: 9:46
Size: 198 Mb

It contains footage of:

Fracture - EMS final
Kompaniet - ETF2L final
syre - SGL Semi-final

Dänemark Facture|Chode on the other hand shows us what prime Demoman action looks like. There are some very nice frags and moves which make up a movie of 8 minutes. This one you should not miss, even if it's a chunky 520 MB download.

Here are the details of the Dänemark Fracture|Chode movie:

Length: 7:51
Size: 520 Mb



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