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1on1 Ladder Stopped
Written by Unknown on 02.04.2008 Time 20:05

The EU Soldier 1on1 Ladder took a nice start but is now suspended until next friday due to extensive foul play.

The ESL reports:

[quote]The 1on1 Soldier ladder has been stopped for maintenance. We have to catch up with checking the matches and find ways how to handle the massive amount of rule breaches in the 1on1 matches. Challenging will be reactivated on Friday. Open matches can be played, it's just not possible to open new challenges.[/quote]

This means that only matches that have already been scheduled can be played. It is no longer possible to call for a match. Currently, the ESL is looking for ways to put a stop to the breaching of rules.

We will keep you posted on this topic and new developments!


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