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Season 2 Overview
Written by Unknown on 02.04.2008 Time 22:32

Unbelievable but true: 120 teams from 20 different countries have enrolled for the European Team Fortress 2 League. This makes the ETF2L the TF2 league in Europe. This is not only due to the high number of teams but also because all teams that are renowned in Europe are represented.

Since not only well-known clans but also newcomers have enrolled, the administrators of the ETF2L league faced quite some problems assigning each team to a league. Some teams may thus wonder why they were rated stronger or weaker than expected. However, if a team is not happy with its assignment, the admins can be contact to sort the matter out.

The map pool has not yet been defined because this is be done in cooperation with the clans on a vote basis which does not yet function properly.

The list of the enrolled teams:

DeutschlandGermany (21 teams): Die Doppelnullen, Die Philosoffen, Digital X-Plosiv, Erdnuckels, Friede seiner Asche, Game Control, Gods of Egypt, Herbs Army, Keine halben Sachen, last one alive lock the door, No Mercy, plan-B, rats-clan, skwean!, Soldiers at Work, Team GamerArea, TFPortal.de, The Firefuckerz, the Krauts, veAre, Vendetta in each room

RusslandRussia (13 teams): chaotic community, Chthonians, CityNov, dmg., Dum Spiro Spero, Immortals, LOL Team, Russian Advanced Tactical Squads, Sang Royal, Team Empire, Tribunal Team, ULt1MmatEz Team, Yummy Elite Sausages

United KingdomUnited Kingdom (13 teams): Dead Cows Strike Back, Eejits, fight club united kingdom, Fluffy Diced, Gunners United, Info Seekers 777, Knights, Necrotic United Brothers, St*rs, Strikeforce, The Last Resort, Totally Totalitarian, unbindAll

EuropaEurope (12 teams): 4 Kings, Animate, Drunk Dragons, Fracture, I Don’t Know?, Kaizen, Knife Mode, Special Air Services, The Hampshire Heavies, Weapons of the Rebelion, Weapons of the rebelion 2, Zero Tolerance

SchwedenSweden (11 teams): 961, Excello, hb0da, In Die Anale Combo, jAgarna, klan:fader, Kompaniet, Smaland-online, starLike, syre, TEAM SdX’98

FinnlandFinland (8 teams): Blood Pressure, Clan Troopers, Clan United, Cruciamentum, Low Pressure, Prima Nocta, sigh6, Virtual Troopers

34 more teams from an additional 16 countries are also listed. You can find the complete overview in the links under this news article.

The roster:

Division 1 (Top Class)

Division 2A

Division 2B

Division 3A

Division 3B

Further, there are also the divisions 4A - 4C and 5A - 5C.

According to an internal poll by the ETF2L on who has the best chances to win the title 4Kings is in the lead in front of syre and Fracture.


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