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Team Germany: Opinions and how it will go on!
Written by Unknown on 04.04.2008 Time 21:52

There are still quite a few Questions open after the recent Leader Change in Team Germany. How will it go on? What do the Players think that are still on the Team?

As we've noted in the last News, Deutschland mvp will take over the Lead Position in Team Germany.

At the moment it looks like the following Players are on the Team:
  • mvp - Fracture
  • Basic - Gamearea
  • Puschen - plan-B
  • phL - Gamearea

Vergleicht man mit der bisheringen Aufstellung so fehlen nun auch Deutschland k70 und Deutschland rookie.

Deutschland k70 offered a short Statement on the Event:

[quote]Deutschland k70
Personaly i wouldn't have given up the Lead Position, but as i support the decision, I will keep away from Team-Ger.

One more gone. Deutschland rookie also took his leave.

Another possible departing Player is Deutschland Zerox of Clan Deutschland it's a farm!. He also replied to us with a short comment.

[quote]Deutschland Zerox
I think it's a shame, that Riemu left the Team, because he did a good Job and the Flamers now may think they accomplished something. His position as Captain and Player was completly justified, he's a good Leader.
I still hope he will rejoin as a Player, in my opinion there's no equal Replacement around.
I don't know if i will continue playing for Team Germany if the Community behaves like a Kindergarten.

Tomorrow futher Information should be publiced. We'll keep you informed!


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