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Interview: Riemu faces our Questions *upd*
Written by Unknown on 05.04.2008 Time 14:04

Well as the saying goes, good things come in three's. The Team Germany theme has entertained us the last days and hours quite a lot. But what where the Reasons and Backgrounds? Time for us to gather and show some informations.

TF2 Team Germany

We tried to get one of the former Team Germany Leaders to an interview and finaly succeeded.Deutschland Riemu formaly the 2nd Leader of Team Germany gave us the following Interview.

Those that want to Comment on this can do this either in this News or in our TFPortal-Forum, where the Community opened this Thread.

We tried to get some Light into those dark Times and also hope we answered some Questions as well.

Our colleagues at MYTF.de replied to the Interview! More on this here.


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