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NTFCL starts their TF2 League
Written by Unknown on 05.04.2008 Time 15:32

An old Team Fortress Classic League opened their Portals for Team Fortress 2. The NTFCL has 4 years of experience and supports two languages (english and german) which can be freely choosen.

But how will Team Fortress 2 look like in the NTFCL? For this Qu, one of the Admins, gave us a few key points:
  • Divisional League Play
  • As possibly the 1st TF2-League we'll have a large amount of Custom Maps in our Mappool
  • 1. Season: 2 fixed Maps per Gameday, to get a better Feedback on the Leagueplayability on the Custom Maps
  • Teams can influence the final Mappool, they vote on them when they join the League
  • Signup open until 30.04.2008

All futher Informations can be seen at the NTFCL-Website .

We wish the NTFCL Good Luck for their First Team Fortress 2 Season!


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