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TF2 EMS is coming
Written by Unknown on 06.04.2008 Time 18:54

Team Fortress 2 at top level will soon arrive in our living rooms!


The ESL Major Series is closing in on it's Final Step. On the 13th of April the first Gameday will start and 16 of the best TF2 Clans will battle for this glorious Crown.

Yesterday the ESL released the Groups. After a quick glance, anyone who knows a little bit about TF2 will notice that some really good Matches are coming there. Two german Clans will participate in Deutschland GamerArea and Deutschland Doppelnullen.

We created a short Overview about the Groups and paired that with some Statements from different Players. We finaly spiced that up and got those Players to give us their Tip who will win this Tournament.

Group A
Europa Four Kings
Frankreich extenSia
Finnland sigh6
Deutschland Die Doppelnullen

Deutschland Christian aka [00]mosepose said:
Next week the highest rewarded TF2 League will start, the EMS. We share a Group with 4Kings, extenSia and sigh6. Many where probably suprised that we qualified for this Tournament and will be quick to see us finish at the bottom of the Group. But we will give it our best and look forward to the important international experience we will gain.

Tipp: Europa 4Kings

Gruppe B
United Kingdom The Last Resort
Deutschland GamerArea
Europa Clan Fracture
Frankreich warriors of Legend

Deutschland Marcel 'eviLhuNteR' Fels said:
We focused entirely on the EMS Games. We want to win the EMS, that's in everyone's head, so we will be extremly motivated in those Matches. The only Match i still can remember was our first win against one of Germany's best Teams at that time: die Doppelnullen. All of us where really motivated and everything fitted very well. That's exactly what will happen in those EMS Games, i'm pretty sure about that. We will play all of them with our best Lineup and will prepare ourselves for every match accordingly. The mood in our Team is good and we will give our best in the EMS.
Tipp: Europe Fracture

Dänemark Fracture | Chode said:
I think group B holds some fine teams, and the skill diffrence in the group is minimum, so it should be some good fighting going on there. Our biggest worry is TLR since we havent fought them for ages.. not counting their drunk performence at i33 <3. And looking forward to see what Gamerarea and wL have op their sleeve.

Tipp: Europa 4Kings

Gruppe C
Schweden syre
Russland Team Empire
Schweden IDAC
Europa Animate Gaming

UK Anim. Oggy said:
I think it's a pretty even group there are 2 of the best swedish teams in TF2 in our group, on our day we can beat anyone but we are going to have to be consistent if we want to qualify from that group. Syre are always hard to play against we haven't played vs IDAC yet but they are another really good team but I think they have been quite inactive recently so it will be intresting to see how they do.
I think anyone out of syre idac and anim could finish first I'm not sure how good empire are but I think syre and IDAC will be our main competition and the people we will be gunning to beat.

Tipp: Europa 4Kings

Gruppe D
Finnland Clan United
Polen Total Llamas
USA Pandemic
Schweden Kompaniet

Schweden glid of Kompaniet said:
I don't know who our opponents are, but we know that we can dominate if we just got the motivation. The past month(s) we've been slacking off of TF2 partly due to lots of IRL-related stuff, and the fact that there weren't really that many teams who could compete with us.
Because of this we haven't really improved that much, but we're going to start practicing more now to make up for lost time - and hopefully crush our opponents again :)

We will give it our best to make it to the EMS finals!

Tipp: Schweden Kompaniet or Europa 4Kings

Some nice Matches are coming up so tell us your favorite in either the Forum or in the Comments below!


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