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Finale 4Kings vs. Kompaniet *update*
Written by Unknown on 10.04.2008 Time 17:03

It's the Final countdown! Right. Tonight it is about everything or Nothing. The colleagues from theSGL have informed us that the finale between Europa 4Kings and Schweden Kompaniet takes place tonight.

theSGL Final

Then at 21 CET QuadV will start his popular live comment with Deman and Kee_RinG.

After 2 Champions League nights in the Football we take it one step further as Thursday 10th April is a date to put in your diaries for theSGL Team Fortress 2 Champions League Finals.20:00 GMT 10th April - Four Kings vs Kompaniet - Granary, Well, Badlands Four Kings are perhaps the favourites coming into this match with a very close battle against Syre in the Semi-Finals which ended in an overtime Stopclock round on Gravel Pit. They will be looking to pick up theSGL before starting a busy season in the ETF2L. Kompaniet have been dominant throughout the tournament winning all their matches convincingly. They will want to get one up over their rivals in this match viewed as the clash between the top 2 in europe.The main story of this game along with the teams is perhaps the maps in which it is played. Viewed by many as perhaps the main 3 maps within Team Fortress 2 this game is surely due to be an epic encounter. Well, Granary and Badlands are perhaps the most entertaining maps I could dream of for this final so lets hope the game lives upto the challenge.QuadV will bring you Live Video Coverage on QuadV TV1 with Deman & Kee_RinG. ]]>

Europa 4Kings was able to win his semi final agains the guys of Schweden syre. Schweden Kompaniet beat Deutschland last one alive lock the door to get further into the final.

Cola, Chips and Popcorn out, speakers loud and TF2 viewed!

United Kingdom QuadV|Deman
Four Kings will come into this game the favourites with a good record in multiple competitions and generally being regarded as the number 1 team in Europe. Kompaniet however have been burning the midnight oil and training their socks off the last few days so should be prepared for anything 4k have to offer. The maps will make it very fast paced so don't blink or you'll miss the action! There has to be a winner though and I think it will be 4k on the 3rd map.[/quote]

4Kings was able to win on Granary and Well. So they had won the TF2 Champions League! Congratulations!


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