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Scout Jumps, TF2 Meets the Simpsons and More
Written by Unknown on 12.04.2008 Time 14:51

Looking at the news archive it becomes evident that it’s been quite a while since the last fun news was posted. That’s why we have decided to look for some good and entertaining stuff for you and we think we have succeeded!

First of all there is a video that goes out to all the Scouts. Did you know how powerful the double jump ability is? The following video shows a variety of double jumps that allow Scouts to take a considerable tactical advantage using their key skill.

Team Fortress 2 - Random Scout Jumps

But let’s now turn to the ever-popular fun videos. There are so many TF2 parodies out there that it is no wonder that the hugely successful and well-known Simpsons series also has become the subject of such a parody. So, up next it’s TF2 meets the Simpsons!

Simpsons and TF2

There is another cartoon series that is called "Life with Lui". Although we have never heard of this one we think that it is a nice TF2 parody nevertheless. There are two parts to watch, so enjoy!

Life with Lui and TF2 (Part I)

Life with Lui and TF2 (Part II)

And last but not least… but have a look yourself :)

What is Offense?


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