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Clan- & Playersearch Vol. 3
Written by Unknown on 14.04.2008 Time 18:32

After a blast of a 26th birthday I would like to say thanks for all the good wishes and the news entry mentioning my transition into the next year. To make up for my debt please accept my spam gift of requests for players, clans and training partners.

Since 5 weeks have passed it is quite possible that some requests are now out of date. If this is the case, please accept my excuses ;).

But now let's have a look:

Clans looking for players:

Players looking for a clan:

Calls for training partners:

We hope that all these open positions and clan join requests will be filled in the near future! Carry on with the good work - we sincerely hope that all open positions are filled soon. From now on we will post such requests on a more regular basis.


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