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Meet the Scout today - Engineer Unlocks planned
Written by Unknown on 18.04.2008 Time 16:29

Those of us who run a Team Fortress 2 Page had their work cut out for them in the last couple of hours. After a weeklong drougth concerning TF2 News we got flooded with Announcments. Medic Weapons, Medic Achievements, New Gamemodes, a new Map and along with all this a new "Meet the XXX" Video will all come soon.

Meet the Scout - TF2

This Time the Scout gets presented in the Video. Intresting will be a his figth with a Heavy on Granary.

Weiter hat Valve schon etwas in Richtung Klassenupdate zum Engineer verraten. Demnach gibt es schon konkretere Pläne für Neuerungen beim Baumeister. Die Quelle dafür liegt bei einem Maximum PC Artikel.

Valve also revealed some Info's concerning the Engineer Classupddate. According to this there are already pretty clear idea's concerning the changes involving the Builder. The source of this can be found at Maximum PC.

We noticed in last night's game that Valve is also tinkering with upgrades for the Engineering class. While it's not concrete that these additions will go into the game's next Medic-friendly update, Valve is nevertheless looking at adding upgrade options for the Engineer's teleporter and dispenser. The former, when upgraded to Level 3, would reduce teleport recharge times from ten seconds to three. And a fully upgraded dispenser would heal all around it just slightly slower than a Medic--akin to Shadowrun's Tree of Life.

CSNation asked Valves Robin Walker about this and he apporved it.


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