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TF2 EMS - The 2nd matchday
Written by Unknown on 19.04.2008 Time 16:58

The 2nd matchdy in the EMS will start soon. Again there are some interesting matches which you guys can watch via SourceTV. But the 2nd matchday is clouded by the upcoming update. There are two possibilities for the teams. The first is to play the match soon and accepting that the matches may be chaotic. The second is to train a few days with the update and looking forward to sme exciting matches. The decission must be made by the teams themselfs...

The two german teams have to play against the probably hardest opponent in theire groups. "Deutschland Die Doppelnullen" have to play against the topteam "Europa 4Kings" and the guys from "Deutschland Team Gamerarea" against
"United Kingdom The Last Resort.Tagan". How the german teams are going to play and what about the other matches you will see in the next news when the 3rd matchday is waiting for us...


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