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Team Fortress 2 special price at Steam
Written by Unknown on 20.04.2008 Time 10:50

Only this weekend there is a discount on Team Fortress 2 by 33%. Instead of $29.95 you only pay $19.95 for it. The game has received many awards including a game of the year award. The offer fits perfectly to the upcoming update announced in the past few days.

You don't know anything about Team Fortress 2 or thinking about buying it?

The best way to get an impression about the game is to watch videos, screenshots and test reports. Valve creates a "Meet the ..." video for each class. An overview therfore you can see HERE (On the right site: Media+Links)

Team Fortress 2 is a comic-style egoshooter. There are 3 different game types at the moment: CP - Capturepoint, CTF - Capture the File, (DM - Deathmatch)
DM in brackets because of the fact that this gametype isn't mentioned by Valve. Today there should be released the new gametype Payload with the new map Goldrush.

There are 9 different classes in Team Fortress 2. The Scout, the Soldier, the Pyro, the Medic, the Sniper, the Spy, the Demoman, the Heavy and the Engineer. Everybody of them is coming with special skills and weapons.
An overview of all classes you can find HERE.

Now check it out and buy the game. You will see it's great!


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