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Written by Unknown on 20.04.2008 Time 17:36

What is going on behind the scenes of TFPortal? A lot! We are beefing up our service in order to improve general site performance to provide you with an even better service. In case you're interested, read on about what the plans are.

TFPortal is a private website that runs on money earned from online advertisements. However, the revenues never cover the costs of keeping this site up and running. Everything we earn is fed back into the site and back to the community!

Why? Because we love TF2 and we love this site - that's what makes us keep this thing alive. Networks who provide hosting are not our thing.

Because resources were running low we needed something bigger, better and faster for this platform. Webspace and our server were almost maxed out so we acquired a new server and additional webspace. You'll see the difference when the site response time will go down in the coming weeks.

The side domains of TFPortal.de (teamfortress2.de, tf-2.de, tfortress2.de usw) were already moved and do not redirect to this site anymore. In a week or two we will also move the main domain. Don't be surprised!

Why these news? We think that constant information about e-sports and game news is fine but from time to time, something else needs to be woven in to give this place a whiff of personality. Some background information never harmed anyone and it should not be kept secret from site visitors and friends.

Therefore: "Let's get to work!"


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