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Rumor Mill - Update Tonight
Written by Unknown on 24.04.2008 Time 20:17

The big update with the new Medic achievements and the "Payload" game type is being anxiously awaited since Sunday. Our friends from the French news site vossey.com were allegedly informed that it will finally be released tonight (CET).

This might as well be mere speculation as we have not received any reply from vossey.com so far. Fortunately, our friend Foliok from our partner site teamfortress2.fr cold provide some additional information. He sent us a screenshot in which a French Valve employee seemingly confirms today as the time of release.

Foliok translated the text into English for us (red text in the screenshot).

So let's hope this is not a canard :]

In the meantime, BurtonJ who provided the answers in this e-mail thread has issued a statement. In the Steam Forum you will read that the above information is not more than a wild guess. There is no definitive information on the actual time of release.


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