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TF2 Fun: The Best of the Bonksongs
Written by Unknown on 25.04.2008 Time 15:20

Many of you were not fully satisfied by the Meet the Scout Video that we provided for download on the site a while ago (you can still find it in the download section, by the way!). In order to give a little something extra we present to you the "Bonksongs".

Over time, a veritable TF2 fun community has formed and many TF2 fans are working on funny bits about their favorite game. Very often, they take reference from popular media content and add a TF2 twist to create something new and funny.

In this edition of the TF2 Fun News we present you the Scout Bonksongs. If you have no idea what this is about you should give the videos below a try. Please be informed that we will not take responsibility for permanent damage to your psyche that may result from watching these clips ;)

But let's start with a "Tribute to TF2".

Team of Brothers: Team Fortress 2 Tribute

Rocky Bonk Song

Bonk Song

Super Bonk Brothers

Mortal Kombonk

To close things off here are some important facts about the Engineer:

TF2 Engineers: Very Useful Scientific Facts


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