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Team Germany - The LineUp
Written by Unknown on 29.04.2008 Time 17:20

Deutschland Team Germany finaly announced their final LineUp.


Today mvp changed the Topic in the #tf2.team-germany IRC-Channel into "Welcome to the official Team Germany TF2 channel." We're sure that this means the search for suitable Player's is now finished. Mvp and his fellows demanded Demos from the Players they wanted and invited a few of them for Practice Matches.

So here's the Lineup:

Leader: mvp (Clan Fracture)
Orga: rook (Plan-B) und Falko


- Bas1c (Team Gamerarea)
- Inqui (Team Gamerarea)
- phL (Team Gamerarea)
- Puschen (Plan-B)
- zerox (last one alive lock the door)
- Deadeye (Soldiers at Work)
- fasty (last one alive lock the door)
- mosepose (Die Doppelnullen)
- psy (Soldiers at Work)
- RobG (Xeno-Project)
- xaez (Team Gamerarea)

Naturally we asked mvp for a statement and here it is:


mvp: The Team finaly stands. We took extra Time for it, looking at Demos and playing a few Practice Games, to gauge the Players in question. We took a close look on those Player's that got suggested by the Community in our Forum. With rook and Falko i got 2 Orgas on my side, that helped me and the team on all fronts. I personaly think we're ready and just have to wait for the ESL to announce when the 1. Cup is starting.


A small Overview with the ESL-Profile's can be seen under the Link below this News. If you want to directly contact anyone the IRC-Channel #tf2.team-germany in Quakenet is open.

We wish the Team Germany good luck in the upcoming events!


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