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Don't Use the Bug
Written by Unknown on 30.04.2008 Time 18:09

A bug that lets you earn all the new Medic achievements at once by entering a command in the console is currently cause for a lot of concern at Valve. Many players are now taking the easy route and immediately have the new Weapons at their disposal.

This is what a disappointed Robin Walker had to say about this:

Robin Walker
"We'll be able to tell who used the commands to do it," he notes ominously, "and look at how many people have done it. We'll take action based on that I think."

Tough words from the Team Fortress 2 inventor. In view of the great effort Valve put into the extensive new update this is understandable.

We warn all players that they should think about the potential consequences of using the bug as it is not clear which action Valve is going to take.

We wish all gamers a lot of fun earning the new achievements, enjoy the new map and see you on one of our servers! It's Goldrush time!


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