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The ESL Wants Your Opinion
Written by Unknown on 01.05.2008 Time 20:22

After some intital turbulence and problems with the Medic achievements the servers are now packed with people testing out Goldrush and earning achievements. As initial polls show, Goldrush is well received by the community as it is not only a brand new map but also adds an extra edge to the game with the new payload mode.

Goldrush and the new Medic weapons are the main additions of the new update. Therefore the ESL and we'd like to know what you think about them and what your personal experience is after trying out the new stuff.

Which weapons could be eligible for clan wars? Could Goldrush be added to the official map pool?

Don't hesitate to post comments on these questions in the thread below or in our English forum! Feedbacks from German users can be viewed and commented in the ESL Forum.


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