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TF2 Fun: More Dispenser Tips & Sniper Buddies & ..
Written by Unknown on 05.05.2008 Time 11:55

What else are dispensers good for on top of providing health and ammo? To answer this question, we have already featured 5 clips in our last TF2 Fun News with a lot of suggestions.

YouTube member pharadox05 has now released part 6 for your viewing pleasure.

TF2 - 101 Uses for a Dispenser [#6]

Have you ever heard of the Sniper Buddies? As a small community gimmick we would like to draw your attention to our forum where you can check out a couple of comic strips by our TFP member ShootinPutin. Just click on one of the following links to be directed to the individual short stories. Praise and constructive criticism are most welcome. Thanks a lot to ShootinPutin for this contribution!

The final part of this issue of the TF2 Fun News takes you to the Wild West. Don't miss out on this very elaborate 17-minute-long Machinima that consists of two parts. As a third clip the creators also included a making of.

A Team Fortress 2 Western - Part I

A Team Fortress 2 Western - Part II

A Team Fortress 2 Western - Making-Of


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