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Class sections opened - class mentors wanted!
Written by Unknown on 07.05.2008 Time 14:52

Due to multiple requests (and it was planned too) last night we extended the TFPortal-Forum with 9 Team Fortress 2 class sections.

Reasons: On the one hand you are getting a better overview and on the other hand your questions and tips are better placed so that they are reaching the right audience.

What we are trying to do additional is to provide professional help for beginners. Therefore we are lookig for two mentors per class from the German Team Fortress 2 community.

The requirements are easy. All you need is time for awnsering questions or giving some hints!

Up to now we could win 5 mentors out of the community:

  • [r@ts]Slim (Soldier)
  • TFPortal|Chrzz (Engineer)
  • [r@ts]MeeB (Scout + Soldier)
  • IsF.cRz! (Scout)
  • tKs.sHiZo (Demo)

Even though we already got 2 mentors for scout and soldier, we are still looking for an expert each.

Anscheinend waren unsere Anforderungen nicht ganz klar gestellt. Bitte schätzt euch zunächst selbst ein, ob Ihr eine Klasse gut beherrscht und viele Tipps geben könnt. Weiterer Faktor ist die Zeit. Es verlangt niemand das Ihr stundenlang im TFPortal Forum rumhängt und auf weitere Anfragen usw. wartet. Hin und wieder ein Tipp, eine Erklärung und Ihr seid dabei!
We hope that we can provide even more help to you players and awnser questions in many topics.


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