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TF2 Fun: Frags, Remakes and the Big Love
Written by Unknown on 10.05.2008 Time 11:41

At 25° we have to hurry at the TFPortal staff for providing you with news and funstuff without melting in front of our pc's. Is there anything better than starting the day with a laugh? Maybe not all of the videos are making you laugh but our intention is to achive that. Enough blathered lets come to the moment of truth.

Our first video is about a big love. But what big love could it be about? It's a real classic which you should have seen. It fits perfect - didn't it?

Heavy & Medic: Happy Together

The next video... a nice remake of a TF2 trailer...

Team Fortress 2 Ed, Edd, n'Eddy edition

Finally two nice fragmovies from the community. They are coming with cool effects and are not too long. This should bring you some action.

ex.dummy TF2 Frag Movie

Testament - A TF2 Snipe Movie by Ace


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