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Frag Movie: First Round!
Written by Unknown on 11.05.2008 Time 20:16

This time we bring you a frag movie by l'ouzb3K to spice up your TF2 life. Tomorrow, further movies will follow. Thanks to the community for searching and finding great stuff for us. Keep on posting those great links in the comments and the forum! THANKS!

This video has some cool effects, good sound and shows some very nice frags. MeeB says: "Go for it!"

l'ouzb3K * hcak! TF2 MOVIE

l'ouzb3K * hcak! TF2 MOVIE from louzb3K on Vimeo.


tf2 - tf2_group_2_small.jpg - thumbnail tf2 - tf2_update_119.jpg - thumbnail tf2 - tf2_sam_and_max_special.jpg - thumbnail
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