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Here They Are: The Class Mentors
Written by Unknown on 13.05.2008 Time 17:17

We have received 29 applications and especially regarding the Medic, the decisions were not easy ones! For the Medic mentor position alone 7 offers were turned in.

The high number of people showing interest in supporting other players made us assign three mentors to each class instead of two (this applies only to classes for which we have received more than two applications).

But before we present you the list of mentors, a quick word about the idea behind this initiative. We have recruited these experts to help TF2 newbies acquire the finer aspects of the game with ease and without having to spend endless hours experimenting. Players can ask class-specific questions in our Class Forums. The mentors will try to answer your questions quickly but please allow for some time until everything runs smoothly. Every beginning is tough and it will take a while until these forums run at optimum performance.

The list of mentors:


  • [HA]Prosis
  • IsF^cRz
  • its a farm|Zerox


  • [NSA]Manji
  • Futurezz
  • Nobleman


  • PeX
  • [r@ts]Slim
  • Peoplez


  • [S@W]Psy
  • Shizo
  • [GoE]Quigon


  • Waebi
  • O.U.Alex
  • Greyback


  • ShootinPutin


  • Excil
  • Ripperlord
  • onk3l


  • [r@ts]Benscho
  • HK|Djang0


  • Mr.Yeah
  • chrzz

We from TFPortal would like to thank all of you who wrote and applied for a mentorship. Don't be disappointed if you haven't made it on the list - if people should quit their job we will get in touch with you again!


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