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TF2 Fun: Engie Dinner - TF2 in other Games
Written by Unknown on 18.05.2008 Time 17:13

Looking at what is posted on the net in terms of TF2 news we slowly but surely come to realize that we're about to get into the silly season. After the effort that was put in the Medic update Valve has curbed the machinery and there are no announcements of any notable changes to be released in the near future.

To help you kill time until anything new happens we present a video to you that is really worth watching. Its creator did a great job in giving this short much humor and a good story:

Engie Dinner

The following two clips give us an idea what else the TF2 sounds can be used for. Enjoy the following two new intros for Assassin's Creed and Battlefield 2 - with completely new sound!

Battlefield 2 Intro - Team Fortress 2 Style!

Team Fortress 2 poop: Meet the Spy Assassin


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