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Team Fortress 2 Stats Reset
Written by Unknown on 19.05.2008 Time 22:34

The stats in Team Fortress 2 are a good means to compare your skills to other players' abilities. However, due to bugs in the calculation some of these stats can be set incorrectly. Some players, for example, have very high 'longest life' values although they never even came close to the time shown on the stats screen. Other players, eager to earn their Medic achievements in achievement boxes now want to get rid of those values that were generated in that special setting.

We have received many questions about how these incorrect stats can be reset. Unfortunately the button with this function was removed in one of the recent updates.

To find out more, we got in touch with Robin Walker and we have received the following answer:

Hi Sven.
We'll be allowing you to do this in an upcoming update.


-----Original Message-----
From: Sven Scholz
Sent: Monday, May 19, 2008 8:41 AM
To: Robin Walker; Eric Smith
Subject: TF2 Stats reset

Hey Robin, hello Eric,

well, we got lots of questions about reseting the tf2 stats... is there any way to do it?
There was a button in the menue but its gone now...

Thank you.

Kind regards.

Looks like we'll get that function back. Whether it will be possible to set individual stats back to 0 or if this will be a global reset remains unclear.


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