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ETF2L Cup #3 - Register Now!
Written by Unknown on 21.05.2008 Time 10:37

After an exciting final match in which 4Kings won the second cup against Fracture the ETF2L is now calling for registrations for cup #3.

Here are the key facts:
- Deadline: Wednesday, 28.05 23:59 CET
- Teams: 128 (max)
- The fixtures are picked at random in each round
- Schedule: Round 1 - 01.06.-11.06. | Round 2 - 08.06.-18.06.
- Maps: cp_well, cp_pro_granary, cp_dustbowl, cp_gravelpit, ctf_2fort, ctf_turbine and cp_badlands
- 2 map wins are required for the overall win. Draws are counted as draws.
- Class limit is 2 and Medic limit is 1[/quote]

During the first 20 hours already 54 have registered. What are you waiting for?


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