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ESL Rule Change + Serverconfig Update
Written by Unknown on 22.05.2008 Time 22:46

To guarantee fairness and keep the game equally challenging to everybody the Electronic Sports League has banned several scripts that are currently used. In addition, the old and often criticized duckjump script rule was amended.

Explanation: Regular duckjump scripts using the +duck command are still allowed. The ban goes against scripts with several +duck commands in an alias and against binding the duckjump script to the mouse wheel. The latter was banned because it allows shifting your hitbox.

[quote] Forbidden scripts
The usage of the following scripts is forbidden in ESL matches:
- Doublejump scripts
- Highjump scripts (this doesn't affect rocketjump scripts)
- Fastshoot scripts
- +duck spam to manipulate your hitboxes
- Taunt command abuse during fights/escapes

Using illegal scripts will be penalized with two, four or six penalty points if the script lead to a game advantage. This depends on the script concerned and it is up to the admin responsible to decide this.

The serverconfig is extended with the following variables:
*** Changelog Version 1.6 -> 1.7

mp_respawnwavetime 10
sv_pausable 1

Click here to download the old serverconfig.


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