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Clan United Wins ED 8on8 Bonanza Cup
Written by Unknown on 23.05.2008 Time 08:44

The Finnish Clan United has scored a clear 16:1 victory over their fellow countrymen of vTroope on the maps cp_pro_granary and cp_well. The cup with the £1200 prize pool is thus over and United wins £800. The guys from vTroope get the runner-up prize of £400. Although this cup is now over this doesn't mean that all cup activities have ceased. Currently, the Bonanza 6on6 Cup is being played, which offers a prize pool of £800. Top teams such as 4Kings, excello, it's a farm! and Clan United will encounter each other to provide some seriously entertaining battle action. Let's hope for the best and support our German team ;-)


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