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TF2 Fun: Team Roomba and More...
Written by Unknown on 26.05.2008 Time 12:54

The crazy folks of Team Roomba have modded their server again. After featuring Karaoke and puzzles, they now present the "Goomba"-Mod, which allows you to jump on enemies in Super Mario style to kill them. By jumping on other players you can even terminate an übercharge. If you want to see what this looks like, take a peek:

TF2: Goomba Stomping from FLOOR MASTER on Vimeo

Double Goomba Stomp from The Pope on Vimeo

Those of you who don't know Team Roomba yet can read an href="http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/issues/issue_147/4856-Team-Roomba.4">interview that was conducted by the Escapist Magazine.

Further, we have a very nicely crafted TF2-Machinima by Tim Eyles of Troubleshot Productions for you. It is about the Soldier taking revenge for the loss of his best friend, the Medic.


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