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Written by Unknown on 28.05.2008 Time 11:21

Last night Steam has released an update that improves the client by fixing a number of bugs and by adding new mini features:


New Steam client update has been released.

* Enabled ClearType fonts if they are enabled in Windows
* Improved in-game status and play time tracking for games with launcher apps
* Improved in-game overlay input handling in a variety of games that previously did not capture or block keyboard input correctly
* Added D3D10 support to the in-game overlay
* Made voice chat requests ignored if you've blocked communications from the caller
* Fixed the original Half-Life not getting to 100% complete downloading when it should
* Improved server selection logic for Friends and VAC server connections
* Improved Steam network connectivity in the face of dropped UDP packets
* Fixed the overlay not recognizing the Tab key in some games (breaking the default hot-key)
* Improved Friends duplicate name collision detection


The update is automatically downloaded as soon as Steam is started and then requests restart of the application.


steam - SteamUI_new.png - thumbnail steam - SteamUI_new_4.png - thumbnail steam - SteamUI_new_3.png - thumbnail
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