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Signs of Life
Written by Unknown on 28.05.2008 Time 16:00

Since February there has been no news about the Half-Life 2 Mod Fortress Forever. As you may remember, the Fortress Forever Team planned to adapt the Team Fortress Classic to the source engine in which they have succeeded without fundamentally changing the gameplay. As it is a mod and not an independently running full-price game it, of course, cannot really be compared to TF2 as such. The mod was created with a lot of enthusiasm and countless hours of voluntary work.

One of the remaining members of the development team, Circuitous, now shed some light on the most recent steps that were taken forward. He explained to us why they had to curb their activities and he also commented on the new patch 2.1.

At the moment, the development team is trying to gain access to several pages for which they had not been given the access rights by by former members. Nevertheless, they are positive that new features and content will be included in the upcoming patch.

As this takes the small group of remaining contributors a tremendous amount of time Circuitous asks for your help. According to fortress-forever.com the team is urgently looking to fill the following positions::
  • Model Animator
  • Level Designer
  • Texture Artist
  • Prop Artist
  • Programmer
  • Level Optimization and Clean Up
  • Lua Scripter

The following comment was added:

People, we can do this. And with a few more folks on hand, it'll be that much quicker. All we need is the support and understanding of the community, and this patch will be out sooner than you think, and with a lot more to expect on the horizon.

As you can see, FF is far from dead and the people behind this project are eager to finish their plans. Give 'em a hand if you can.

If you are not familiar with Fortress Forever yet, give this great mod a try by downloading and installing it on your machine. It's worth it!


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