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TFPortal.de vs. last one alive... on GIGA
Written by Unknown on 30.05.2008 Time 13:09

Yes the headline isn't right. Of course we mentioned last one alive lock the door aka it's a farm. We are proud to announce that our factory team will compete against the farmers live on GIGA.

On Sunday at 11pm CET Nik from GIGA and his co-moderator (which originally should be our MeeB - but he didn't got the time to travel to cologne) are going to comment the match. If you are not that familiar with Team Fortress 2 there will be a short introduction to TF2-esports too.

With the farmers there is a high-class team waiting for the TFPortal team. Last one alive lock the door recently won the EA Masters and is playing the semi-final of the Clanbase-Cup soon. At the ETF2L the farmers are placed on a promotion position within division 2A and is waiting for the premier division.

The TFPortal team didn't has to hide behind the achievements of the farmers. Successful in playing 3on3 cups, leagues and ladders (mostly placed first or second) they are doing 6on6 good too. They are placed 3rd in the ESL and missed a promotion position for divistion 1 in the ETF2L by a narrow margin. They are placed on position 4 in division 2B still in front of team "uber" (ex aX.Gamerarea)

The match can be followed on the GIGA-livestream and without comments using SourceTV.

GIGA-Livestream: GIGA eSports
SourceTV: bcast05.blank-tv.de:50000

An overview of the players and theire profiles you are finding on the ESL-page added as source link to this news.

Good luck to both teams. We're looking forward to an exciting game.


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