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Rocking Fortress - The TF2 music album
Written by Unknown on 02.06.2008 Time 15:36

Today we got something really special for you. A Team Fortress 2 fan was very busy and created a Team Fortress 2 music album. We don't know if the album fits to your taste of music so you have to download and check it by yourself.

The album consits out of 13 tracks and 2 bonus tracks. Coming up with around 40 MB the download isn't that big. So check it out!

TF2 Music - Rocking Fortress

The following tracks are waiting for you.

Rocking Fortress:

01 Rocking Fortress
02 kA BoOm Part 1
03 kA BoOm Part 2
04 I'm Drunk
05 AnA HaNa Ha ! Part 1
06 AnA HaNa Ha ! Part 2
07 Go !
08 kA BoOm Org.V
09 End Credits
10 Still Alive(TF2)
11 It's Down !
12 As Bullet As Fire
13 T.O.P (The Original Part)

14 Of Doom (Feat. Dinoracha)
15 Super Mario World - Overworld Remix


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