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Welcome to Division 1 in the ETF2L
Written by Unknown on 04.06.2008 Time 22:12

Just after popping the corks to celebrate the 1000th TFPortal.de member we have another great announcement to make. The Team Fortress 2 team of this website has made it into the top class of the European Team Fortress 2 League.

A victory against Finnland Virtual Troopers in the last game of the season brought the promotion. The first map Well was won with 3:1 and on Badlands the result was 10:0.

This victory and the promotion are a result of dedication, discipline and training and a tad of luck. The team Europa Animate was alongside Finnland Cruciamentum a promising candidate for the promotion. However, they did not play the two last matches of the season and this lead to a Defwin by Deutschland TFPortal.de which is now the first German team to play in the premier league.

The TFPortal management, editors, translators, coders and forum mods would like to say thanks and congratulations to:

- Aim
- Alc
- Bluesky
- Dietschey
- Hank-Man
- M4rci
- Shizo
- VanHunt

as well as to Eisinc, who now plays with n2o-gaming. Let's see how our team will do in division 1! ;)


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