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Pyro Class Update - The Axtinguisher
Written by Unknown on 07.06.2008 Time 11:37

The latest Steam news provide an insight into the next big update that will mainly affect the Pyro class. Along the lines of the Medic update the Pyro will get new achievements and weapons.

TF2 - Pyro - Axtinguisher

The Pyro's new unlockable melee weapon is called the "Axtinguisher" and incurs guaranteed critical hits when used on enemies that are on fire. When hitting an enemy that is not burning, the weapon does only half the regular axe damage.

According to the Steam-News the Pyro will be additionally subjected to additional class changes that will immediately become effective irrespective of any achievements, so the class will undergo a general revamp.

Valve has stated that they have received a lot of feedback on their Medic update and that they will take these suggestions into account in the Pyro update.


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