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TF2 Fun: Sequels and Some Good Old Lego
Written by Unknown on 10.06.2008 Time 18:28

Normally, sequels fail to live up to their predecessors. To prove the contrary, we present to you today the second episode of Simpsons and Team Fortress 2 and part seven of the series 101 Uses for a Dispenser.

However, we're starting things off with Lego. "What?? Lego??" you might ask yourself now. Looking at the many different TF2 interpretations currently featured on YouTube this idea might still seem a little bit strange but it is not surprising that some folks gave it a shot. But see for yourself!

Team Fortress 2 Lego

Simpsons and TF2 (Part 2)

TF2 - 101 Uses for a Dispenser [#7]


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