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Live.TV ETF2L Div2 r@ts vs. knights
Written by Unknown on 12.06.2008 Time 12:37

Pwnage.TV will broadcast the top-notch confrontation between these two teams of Division 2a in the ETF2L:

Sunday at 9 p.m. CET - Deutschland r@ts vs. United Kingdom knights

www.pwnage.tv will be broadcasting the ETF2L matchup between Knights and Rats-Clan this Sunday at 3PM EST! #pwnage.tv on irc.gamesurge.net to get your shoutouts and predictions read live on air!

Knights have to win in order to make sure they get promoted to Division 1. For the r@ts team there is not much to win or lose as they are at position 4, trailing behind by a couple of points. Nevertheless, they will play hard for the win as this would help the second German team last one alive lock the door in their attempt to get promoted.

Good luck to both teams!


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