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Nations Cup of the ETF2L
Written by Unknown on 12.06.2008 Time 12:53

Along the lines of the current European Football Championship the ETF2L is looking for the best national team in Team Fortress 2.

Current Schedule Plan:

* 22.-30.6. - Sign-Up-Phase
* (1.-6.7. - Pre-Round)
* 1.-31.7. - Group Phase
* 1.-31.8. - Playoff Phase


So far, the following teams have confirmed their participation:
Frankreich France
Schweden Sweden
Finnland Finland
United Kingdom Great Britain
Spanien Spain
Portugal Portugal
Lettland Latvia

The following teams have not yet issued a confirmation but are in contact with the ETF2L:
Russland Russia
Niederlande Netherlands
Belgien Belgium
Deutschland Germany

Let's look forward to exciting and fair games!


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