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New German TF2 E-Sports Blog
Written by Unknown on 15.06.2008 Time 18:48

Today, a new TF2 blog has surfaced on the Internet. Its originators are well-known in the community.

With Need a Dispenser here! the bloggers sHiZo and vanHunt want to fill a gap that is present on most TF2 sites, namely the extensive coverage of e-sports events and related background information. We think this is a welcome addition to the TF2 blogs that are currently available.

sHiZo and vanHunt have both been playing games since they rocked themselves out of the cradle. Currently, they are members of our TFPortal.de TF2 team. If you want to find out more about this blog then don't hesitate and visit their site (link below - site in German).

Although many of you now may suspect that this new blog is a TFPortal spinoff we can assure you that this is not the case. "Need a Dispenser here!" is fully independent.

We wish both guys much success in their endeavors. As soon as there is further important news to spread about this new blog, it will be posted on our site.


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