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Meet the Sniper
Written by Unknown on 17.06.2008 Time 21:08

A couple of hours ago Valve has released the Meet the Sniper video. Running 1 minute and 40 seconds it features the Sniper presenting himself to the TF2 community. As usual, you can expect a lot of comedy and there are many scenes that will make you laugh. Those who look really close will spot a blueish weapon in the hand of the Pyro - maybe a hint on one of the upcoming unlockables?

This video marks the official start of the Team Fortress 2 Week. On Thursday we can expect the update which is followed by the Free Weekend!

The download is available here and for the stream, go to Steam page.


TFPortal.de member OnkelFrame has zoomed in on the frame showing a glimpse of the Pyro weapon:


I managed to freeze another frame, enhance it and adjust its brightness to reveal some more details:

- The Pyro weapon looks like a gun from the Middle Ages.
- The muzzle flash is easy to spot and it is followed by a red/blue cone of smoke which seems emerge after a grenade was fired.
- As this only works with a pumpgun mechanism we may assume that this is the alternative version of the second primary weapon!



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