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Pyro-Achievements unveiled
Written by Unknown on 18.06.2008 Time 11:46

A new hype evolved concerning who publishes new info as the first for Team Fortress 2. Soon Valve is going to publish all information on their own pyro-update-website. You will find everything in a compact way just like in the Goldrush update.

Since we’re not allowed to announce any details of this site we’re going to take a look at the site of our loyal partner of HLPortal. They’ve been tricky and found some pictures of the achievements in the net and posted them on their site orderly.

Pyro Achievements

Thus, here’s the detailed list of the 35 new achievements.

1. Arsonist
2. Attention Getter
3. Baptism by Fire
4. Barbequed
5. Burn Ward
6. Camp Fire
7. Clear Cutter
8. Combined Fire
9. Controlled Burn
10. Cooking the Books
11. Dance Dance Immolation
12. Dead Heat
13. Fire and Forget
14. Fire Chief
15. Firefighter
16. Firewall
17. Firewatch
18. Freezer Burn
19. Got a Light?
20. Hot on Your Heels
21. Hotshot
22. Hot Potato
23. I Fry
24. Lumberjack
25. Makin' Bacon
26. Next of Kindling
28. Pilot Light
29. Plan B
30. Pyromancer
31. Pyrotechnics
32. Second Degree Burn
33. Spontaneous Combustion
34. Trailblazer
35. Weenie Roast

It’s worth mentioning that a new CTF-Map as well as a CP-Map will find their way into the game.

And that’s not all, we got in contact with Doug Lombardi and informed ourselves about other pretty things that he got up his sleeve. To bridge the time there is now a Meet the Soldier video in a Deutschland German and Frankreich French version. Of course you can find it in our download section.


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