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Meet the Soldier on German and France
Written by Unknown on 18.06.2008 Time 17:50

As mentioned in the previous News, Doug Lombardi told us to check the Valveserver for the Deutschland German and Frankreich France Versions of the Meet the Soldier Video.

This is what we did but unfortunately both Files where not completly uploaded by Valves Press Correspondent. With a little patience we reached Doug and he uploaded the ,this time, complete Versions of the Files. Thanks!

Now avaible in Full Length!

Team Fortress 2 - TF2 - Meet the Soldier!

  • Deutschland Meet the Soldier - German
  • Frankreich Meet the Soldier - France

  • Now even the Last Person should be informed about the migthy Soldier!!! We still don't know if those files are avaible anywhere else in these Versions. Maybe we're exclusive?!? ;)


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