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The Pyro Update
Written by Unknown on 18.06.2008 Time 18:17

Well it's not 20:00 CET yet but we are now allowed to puplish our Informations on the coming Pyro Update. Valve kept the Press well informed beforehand and put all the Informations for the Press only on the Net. Naturally we where asked to keep those Informations back until the official Release of the Update and also naturaly some "Colleagues" didn't care... A few people even found the Page on Google (don't ask). Because of all this Doug Lombardi told us in a Mail that the Embargo is lifted so here come the News!

In the upcoming Update are another 35 new Achievements, for the Pyro only this time. To make those new Achievements worth achieving ( ;) ) 3 New Weapons where added, which can be unlocked again by achieving the 3 Milestones as known from the Medic.
2 new Maps where added to the Pool, but this time both Maps are from the Community itself. Valve calls this the first "Community Map Pack" and ask for forgivness for not choosing a few more but more Packs are planned.

Let's start with the new Weapons:

The Standard Flamethrower of the Pyro get's an Upgrade. With the ALT-Fire option you're now able to release a current of compressed Air to repel Enemies as well as Projektiles ( like Rockets & Pipes ).


Pyro Flaregun

The first Weapon that gets unlocked, will be the FLARE GUN, which will replace the normal Single Barrel Shotgun. With the Flare Gun you can ignite your Foes on long Distances if you aim well enough.


Pyro Backburner

The second Weapon will be the BACKBURNER, which is a modified Version of the Standard Flamethrower. You will get a garanted Critical Hit when you attack your Enemies from the back. You additionaly get 50 HP more but you will lose the new Airpressure Ability from the standard Flamethrower.



The Axeinguisher is already known. With this Axe you will Crit a burning Foe when ever you hit them but on a not burning Foe you will do less damage then with the normal Axe.

On the Map Side there will be one CP and one CTF Map included. CP_Fastlane from Arttu "skdr" Mäki and the more known CTF_Turbine from Bill Johnston where chosen.

At last the 35 Achievements in a nice Overview:


tf2 - tf2_group_2_small.jpg - thumbnail tf2 - tf2_update_119.jpg - thumbnail tf2 - tf2_sam_and_max_special.jpg - thumbnail
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