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The Medigun and the Secret of Healing
Written by Unknown on 25.06.2008 Time 14:01

The Medic Medigun isn't just another Weapon in the wide Range of Weapon-Arsenal that is integrated in TF2. Those who thougth that you simply heal your Teammates with it and nothing else happens is simply wrong. Also those who wondered about the different healing times and thaugth this was a bug where also wrong.

Robin Walker explained the Secret of the MediGun in the Valve TF2-Blog. In it he also explained about the 3 Healing Phases:

[quote]The rate of healing actually ramps up based on the amount of time since the heal target was last injured. If it's been greater than 10 seconds since the target was hurt, the heal rate is increased. The amount of increase ramps linearly up to 3 times the base heal rate at 15 seconds since the target was hurt. So if you're healing a target who's been hurt less than 10 seconds ago, you'll only be getting the base heal rate of 24 health a second. If the target was hurt 12.5 seconds ago, you'll be healing at 48 health a second. If the target hasn't been hurt for over 15 seconds, you'll be getting the maximum heal rate of 72 health a second.[/quote]


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