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NTFCL League will start soon!
Written by Unknown on 25.06.2008 Time 15:16

The NTFCL, a well known League from the good old TFC-Times, decided to start a Team Fortress 2 6on6 League. The Signup-Deadline ends on the 29th June of 2008, directly after the Football-EC.

The speciality of this League are the Maps, included into the Mappool are, beside the normal and well known TF2 Maps, Maps like cp_science2, cp_warpath2, cp_wolf2_b1 and a few more. This is to destinguish the League from all the other League's which still heavily rely on the Standard Mappool. The Final Mappool is decided by the Clans via Vote and then devided into the Gameweeks.

The Signup can be reached easily with the Link under these News or just use the Banner and find your way around.


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