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Team Fortress 2 Trading Cards
Written by Unknown on 28.06.2008 Time 12:08

Thanks to the Valve Team Fortress 2 Blog we get flooded with Information in the last couple of Days. This Time Valve published the first Part of their TF2-Tradingcards. Normaly you find those in the Gameboxes or in the Limited-Edition-Boxes.
As Jakob Jungels wrote in the TF2-Blog Valve always wanted to publish these before but somehow never got the chance to do it.

TF2 Demoman Trade Card TF2 Demoman Trade Card

The TF-Art-Team of Valve designed quite a few of those Cards. Jakob Jungels also wrote that they where a little disappointed because they never got any praise for their hard Work.

TF2 Engineer Trade Card TF2 Engineer Trade Card

According to the Blog this is Part 1 of the Trading-Card set so we'll look forward to a few nice Additions to this from Valve's Side.


tf2 - tf2_group_2_small.jpg - thumbnail tf2 - tf2_update_119.jpg - thumbnail tf2 - tf2_sam_and_max_special.jpg - thumbnail
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