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Notice to all „Garry´s Mod“ Artists
Written by Unknown on 01.07.2008 Time 15:43

If you can work well with Garry's Mod and have the actual Version to create Team Fortress 2 Scenes, then you should take a look in here.
Our beloved Terror, known through his Maps Arena_Levór, is working at the moment on his Masterpiece and needs your Help.
In his new Map will "Recall-Scenes" be seen, which will show special Szenes that happened to you or that could happen in the World of Team FOrtress 2.
If you've an Idea and work according to the following Rules, then you should directly work on your Masterpiece and post it here in the Forum.

The Rules:
  • min. 1024x768 (no widescreen)
  • no black and white pictures
  • no porno-scenes (i don't want to see any cock's or similiar) / anything close to pornographic should be clearly comical
  • play around with the Characters, naturally more then one on one picture is allowed
  • MAX 3 pictures per Person, i won't take 3 out of 10 you'll have to decide for urself on the best 3 of your pictures
  • don't go to deep into the Details - miniearrings and so on won't make it
  • don't post dark Pictures anythings to dark won't make it as well
  • try to create some funny Situations - funny, lifechanging, real ones, sad ones and so on
  • please remember that each picture stands for it self I don't want any Fotostories posted
  • use different Backgrounds ( but stay within TF2 )
  • no Special Effects on the Picture (Filter and the like)
  • no Speakbubbles or the like o it - it should look like Snapshots!

We wish all Participants have fun and good luck.
If you still have some Questions just talk to Terror in the Forum.


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