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Update eliminates many Bugs
Written by Unknown on 01.07.2008 Time 23:47

Valve once again released an Update that elimantes quite a few Bugs. This Update for Example corrects the Critical Damage of the Pyro Backburner if the Opponet moves after Impact.

  • Fixed backburner's flame critical hits not being recalculated after collision. This meant that it would check if the target was looking away once and after that the flame could score a critical hit again even if the orientation changed
  • Added back some damage falloff to the Pyro's flamethrower. Not nearly as extreme as it was before the Pyro class pack
  • Fixed bug that caused Demomen to take a small amount of extra damage from their own grenades and fly farther using them
  • Fixed spy getting stuck in players after removing his disguise
  • Fixed spy stabbing and being able to go invisible instantly
  • Fixed spy disguised as enemy medic being able to spam voice commands
  • Fixed buffed health not decaying properly after being healed by a dispenser
  • Selectable menus can now be operated with number keys even if they are not bound to slot1, slot2, etc.
  • Removed the remaining speed adjustments for carrying intelligence (a couple of game modes still reduced your maxspeed)
  • Fixed a buildable item placement bug where the object would not rotate after the user tried to place in an invalid location

Futher a few Bugs from the Spy and Demoman where eleminated by Valve from the Game. The Updates loads as always on Steam start.


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