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Heavy follows the Pyro and Medic
Written by Unknown on 02.07.2008 Time 13:16

Number 3 of the Class-packs is the Heavy. He will be next who gets a bunch of new unlockable Weapons and Achievements(Medic & Pyro).
Non other then Robin Walker told us this over the very success full TF2-Blog of Valve.

Robin futher informed us that they don't want to change the Role of the Heavy. Their Main Goal is: "To make the Heavy more use full without a Medic". With all that in Mind they still want to make sure that the Changes don't throw of the balance of the new Abilities if the Heavy has an Medic behind his back.

There's much work to do and it will be a Challenge for Valve to implement the new Abilities for the Heavy that will work well with the Game.

To realize this Valve tries out all the new Idea's they developed in their Meetings. That's the only way to see how the advantages and disadvantages show up.

In the last couple of Day's quite a few new Infos on the Heavy appeared. Some Users found new Heavy-Sounds which may be used on the new Weapons.

The Download for those sounds is here!

Our Thanks go to Frooker, Mortal and BlueSky for the clue!


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